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difference, that its effects are, if anything, positively

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competent, while the accumulation of favorable evi-

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whole duration of fully developed cases is about eight days, of which

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the green (0.55^), and Langley (2)^ states that it is 1.0 X 10"^ (for practically

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whether lymphatic glands enlarged to the size of a tumor

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by so doing they may cause pain to others, or bring dire anger upon them-

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purchases the tubes. Coming to Ghuzni, he finds a patient. The king of

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One case occurred, in which a woman complained so much of violent burning

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can be readily adapted to this purpose. With it we can

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Prof. Bruns recommends as a substitute for Lister^s gauze, especially

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fpinai meningitis New York \r,, Cliicago 14, ffolyoke 2, Phila-

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Spermatic Cord, On Hydrocele: Chapters IX., X., XL, of the Third Part, On

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is called its ion action, or it has a salt or osmotic action. Strychnia,

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<?.^pectoration, which afterwards gradually gives place to the

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cannot know, if there is a change in the virulence of such an affection,

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rasmus and cachexia the relations are different or more extreme

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five days later, a second similar inoculation was made, again on the

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the principles of Freemasonry would appeal to a medi-

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M. Cooper, M.D., of Camden. Brief obituary notices of Dr. Cooper, and of

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scarcely yields the strychnine reaction ; on adding four

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both deserve and have it ; so that the prospects of

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delirium tremens was reported by me in 1875, and pub*

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uncomplicated, can usually be easily diagnosed by the clinical symptoms

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one kind in one part, brings about disease of an opposite kind in

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motility. For the latter two indications massage and passive movements are

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normal maximum. On auscultation, the respiration will be feeble on

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cumstances that there was closure of the glottis from

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mology is here presented for tlie first time in an English dress

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