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the cranial nerves above mentioned, — namely, the first, second, third,
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ematographic images were analyzed to generate a time-
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comparing it with other similar cases in the liter-
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of pregnancy, and already certain local authorities {e.g., at
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have made a practice of giving medicines calculated
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than they were when twenty years younger; and better fitted by far
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tion of this latter remedy considerable care should be exercised
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Case 6. — Mrs. J. L, aged 49 years. This patient was
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grants provided with certificates of vaccination, exami-
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difficulty, and one should bear in mind into what Lupus
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seemed necessary in the matter. It is to be hoped that we shall
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the front. In fact the base with which I am most familiar covers
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as compared with that of former years, is greatly lessened ; while
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tines ; compreffion of the inteftines from tumors in
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•respectively in two cases of this series — so that the patient is
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While Rotary selects its members, it is nevertheless one of the most
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see straying abroad or leaving the proper quarters. Doubtless the
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who for twenty years past have benefited by his teaching
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health, disease, mortality, casting, etc.,_ is obvious We
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his conclusions that, as a result of all that is known