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turned to its former position with an elastic spring, although previously it

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There are not a few cases which fall under this latter category, but in

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Slight fever and pains, and then the yellow tinge, which, first

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of touch. The following quantitative results have been obtained by ap-

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In presenting and emphasizing this subject at this time, it is not to

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ease, in which this question has been carefully studied by

is dextromethorphan safe with high blood pressure

Capt. Henry Drummond Brown, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps (Special Reserve).

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4. The association of students who have energy and ability

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covering the hands with a material which can be made

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Bd. xxix. — 8. vox Starck. Ibid. Bd. xxxi. — 9. "West, J. Park. Archives of

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more abundantly on the face and arms than on the trunk. It also

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each nodule was seated on a central arterial twig ; that its

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hiso*her arm, and continued his labor without any interruption.

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the power of prayer and the pledge to remain still,

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This, with a little rhubarb occasionally for constipation, constituted the

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trustworthy observers ; the reason is still obscure.

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large as a hen's egg. Such a tumor should never be opened on sus-

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greatest possible amount of sunlight. After the patient has inhaled

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ficers were elected : Dr. H. K. Helseth, president ; Dr.

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As these serve only for copulation and fecundation, they are more

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patients, all of which show pi 9 reactivity equal to or greater than p24

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there constantly, removing it twice daily only for the purpose

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those anatomical peculiarities, magnified sixty diameters, which

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spectfully requests the Congress of the United States to

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from without. In doing this important structures are largely

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symptoms of the disease are enumerated, and the com-

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Kalisher, Lester. Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology.

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hfcit •, fi vero non curetur, fua fponte non exit ;

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modes of treatment which I merely mention to remark that they

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logically, then, this substance is irritant, but has little useful

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