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The enlargement as a result of the operation is an asymmetrical

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residence, occupation, family history of goiter, etc., as per attached

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exudation of fluid and of blood corpuscles from the vessels, and

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pecially puts on an appearance characteristic of scarlatina. This

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comatose, and when (from the absence of friends) no account or

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out harm or danger. Hence, there is no form of mere neuralgia, which is not

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are involved ; but this is probably only due to the frequency and severity of

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than the bromides. It produces general nervous depression, affecting

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are called to see an obstinate case of constipation, when appar-

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Having cleansed the hands and the abdominal walls in the usual

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Thus the metacarpal head of the index and little fingers is sectioned obliquely to

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ity of opinion has never been reached. The first European that came to

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minims) every four or five hours for the treatment is as follows:—

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very distinct and characteristic in all the tumours. From the

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high nutritive value depending on the fact that they contain, in a

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been continued up to the middle of March with no subsequent return of

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vocal chords,, it greatly strengthens and increases

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1 . California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS: AIDS reporting

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miasmatic influences; but with a greater or less manifestation of

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merits of two methods of treating epidemic pneumonia. Because of

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they remained in an ungrown stunted condition. The capacity to grow

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a certain amount of hemiplegia is usually left ; if the effusion be a large

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of the disease while in an incipient stage; any persistent or sus-

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This plain being hollow, and the lines being crooked and dis-

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If the case is only in the rigor, treat same as any other rigor;