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obliged to pass over many observations which we were in

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for a long time. There was a certain amount of atrophy of muscles

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Jawaharlal Institute of Medicine Pondicherry India

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that a speed of fifteen hundred or two thousand revolutions

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I have however carefully studied the condition of the

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sodium chlorid parts each per. As there was no apparent diminution

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and cerebral congestion. Such paralyses have occasionally followed upon

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the conjunctivae pearly white and towards the latter stage of the disease

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nure also from smelling other cows that had aborted

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official investigation such as the majority urges should

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In a long dry summer. Some of these are only secondary

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from the pyloric end of the stomach. If direct pressure against the under

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horses. Clironic indigestion catarrh of the stomach and bowels in horses.

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like that of other mortals the Physioian s ear must sometimes weary

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paralyzed. The limbs assume such positions as are attended with the

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we not uncommonly find blood in the urine. At other times we find

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studied experimentally the Influence of reached the result would be perfect.

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tificial Band and Arm. The models you showed me the other

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Twenty seven years of service in the Navy had given him

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built and used in the time of Herod and after the lapse of

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This argument belonged to the era when antiseptic theory had taken

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Bet forth in a form to command implicit confidence.

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intimately adherent and seemed as if it might have been ihe

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and primary connected to a galvanic cell from the secondary connected to

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the Postoffice at Phoenix. Arizona as second class matter.

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more uncertain than we d started we were learning to

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The conclusions regarding this diet were that it is undoubtedly

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evidence of the lesion. He presented notes of three

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with jagged vi j v lt extending beyond the ulcerated surface. Before

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with boiling mud and stones from to feet deep. The river Nagase

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PniLTPPiNEs Cuming. Luzon Manila crihner June. Min

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soon stamped out the epidemic. Although it is necessary thus to attack

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during the Sinn Fein Rebellion. The operation was performed about

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of cells separating the fibrous bundles specially in the