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disease in its incipient stage. It is superior to any part of
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pression, by Dr. T. Smith of Cheltenham, England, who employs in each
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and deadly disease, and added, whether for good or evil,
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MIYA: I could have shown a series of curves that would es-
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Nasal cultures also revealed that in the winter only coagulase-
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and the East coast of New South Wales is very deficient in
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nected with one pole, and the body with the other, the electric current^
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heat, whilst transudation is a vital process, of the nature of secretion or ex-
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through a tube, passing from an artery of the supplying individual int4>|
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occurring in infants. He applies a solution of one part in four of
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quilled, often twisted, of a pale-orange or light reddish-yellow colour on
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The poor maniac gradually began to show the influence of the music.
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in the largest pieces. The colour of the powder is yellowish, often with
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tcnnission, in the quantity of one or two ounces, which may be distnb-
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tinct and unchanging sound will often cause such restlessness
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