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upon whether one intends to sew up the bladder of Parker and Sliattock. we find that :
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Posture in Strangulated Hernia and Colic ; read before X. Y. Academy
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103.5° F., and micturition became painful. He retained his urine
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fore operated upon while the infection, if present, is still
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sion. We live in age of excitement. Oui whole environment
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ette ; W. A. Dryden, Colnmbus ; J. O. Greeson, Kokomo ;
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Apparatus, restraint: This is contained in a locked wooden box,
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The condition is frequently the cause of death by suffocation. In
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An approach to the distinction of medical and surgical
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this state; provided, that no applicant shall be required
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The patient, A. W., had had no tnn)ours until the age of 20, when
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Eabies and Hydrophobia existed in Great Britain, the
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Contributions must be received two months prior to the date of the issue for
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cases of cerebellar disease on record in which a paralytic or paretic
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experimentalists; resolving it is vital for understanding the na-
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mology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry,
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family history nothing is known; little ei^lanation is
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quently, a more prolonged treatment and a more extended experience
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Communication poses a separate problem. In conventional
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number, and all sorts of spring flowers strewed on the table,
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'^Vulpian has fully discussed the question of the anatomical sub-
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Department and administered via a “New Jersey Catastrophic