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John R. Mohler, wishing the Association to contribute towards

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to-day's paper. Mrs. Tulkinghorn : Indeed ! What has he been cured of?

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versity of Minnesota Medical School last June. Dr. Ar-

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tions which the perusal of this work naturally suggests.

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Runge [ZetUchrift fur Geburtshiilfe und Oyndkologie, Band xix. Heft 1) con-

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25. Lifschiitz: Zur Frage der funktionellen Diagnostik der Pankreaserkrank-

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years; and 18.3 per cent were over ten years. Of the 4479 cases treated without

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liever in the temporary protective power of vaccination, and adduces

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To all of this we are sure Judge Baldwin will give his

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cord, consisting in sclerosis of these tracts ; characterised by the ordinary

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