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Physiolog}', Histology, and Pathology in the Charity Hospital Medical
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previous evening and all night, and that he had refused drink
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19 Knoll 1885 Sitz. Acad. Wiss., Wien, Math. Naturur. Kl., Bd. 92 (iii),
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or elsewhere is found to be associated, is not greater than in fatal cases
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ward." Other authors, Rosenburg ('68), Boettcher ('69), and
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ash, sulfates, phosphates. J. Physiol., vol. 39, p. 402.
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vulsions. In connection with the latter, the kidne3's are to be interrogated
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tory treatment. This position was taken by the author in an article pub-
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the nerve fibers go over to this pericellular net-work with their
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oxysms in regular succession, and by the absence of febrile movement be-
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As regards age, Murchison's statistics show the lowest rate of mortality
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Laennec supposed bruit de soufflet to be the sound of spas-
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to only in the cases in which there was a considerable increase of axillary
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of albumen, being necessary to its free passage through the capillary ves-
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As an addendum to the foregoing account of the treatment of diabetes,
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volume increased at each contraction of the heart. On making pressure on the
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dependent on compression by the former. From the color, the lesion has
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cision if it happened to be a little too deep. If any hemorrhage
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or roughened by irregular elevations which vanj present a hob-nailed ap-
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the heart, and destroy life by plugging the branches of the pulmonary
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than in scorbutus. Swelling of the muscles and stitfness of the joints are
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190 Dr. Corrigan 07i the Mechanism of Bruit de Sovfflet.
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this force may be morbidly increased, but, in conjunction with the force
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from its supposed founder, the late Rev. Mr. Davis of Warrenpoint. The indis-
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black, while neither its taste nor appearance had excited the
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cases in which death was attributed to this accident.'
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lungs, and larynx, sometimes occurs in connection with rubeola. Other
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when the distinction was not clearly made between essential, or idiopathic,
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