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and therefore encourage a more rapid bloodflow that we stretch the body

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the left cervical glands being especially affected. The patient

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a mild case of a dangerous disease (small-pox, sheep-pox),

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in the navy and the hospitals are the cleanest places you have ever seen.

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a minimum. As fibrinous material it is of course highly nutritious, and emi-

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the long-accepted dogma that opium is dangerous in Bright's disease.

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the defense of my own reputation as a humane man, to be thoroughly com-

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Before leaving this subject I wish to reiterate my advice con-

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indifference displayed throughout the enquiry by many of the members

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enable me to explain the symptoms. The patient stated that two

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for example; a haemorrhage when it occurs in the deep central

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proved completely resistant to all forms of local and general treatment which

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In "karcivan" we have a specific for the treatment of the

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experiment if it were immoral to do so. It is therefore not

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purely automatic or machine-like." Marked mental deficiency has also

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the bulbar centres by the introduction of a foreign body into the fourth

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pulsation, but the brain and membrane bulged so much as to

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The children in this study, similar to homeless children in