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•• When she came to the asylum Mrs. L's condition
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Logically he would, and G. Steiner has been able to report two cases
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of consecutive disease of the urinary organs, nnd a disordered condition of l^e general system.
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mostly the alkaline treatment, with thorough cleansing of the entire area
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Any one who has seen wounds treated by debridement followed
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due to the prolonged use of morphia, Lyon, S. B., 412: discussion
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pathological changes to which this organ is subject.
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graft lost its spot, but its background changed simultaneously with
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treated by weekly lavage with silver nitrate solution. No mention
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then come back. The same occurs from all the borders. When two
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this disease, and for slaughter and dairy purposes as possi-
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withdrawn in order to obtain the gastric contents. .
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at the point to be examined, this is done to get the density of the af-
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ducts the business and takes all risks, and the relations of the pro-
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of onion; or stewed with whole onions, large or small, as
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uncertain is our present knowledge of existing conditions.
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The blue disease appears to have been prevented by this
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has commenced until definite symptoms referable to the brain render
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severe, even fatal, constitutional symptoms may result from the toxemia thus
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pleted his academic course, he commenced his professional studies with
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apply only such dressings as shall keep it aseptic and at the same
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make is that amblyopia ex abusu may be an early in-
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Gombault and Charcot attribute the disordered motion and sensation to
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to the unmerited reproach that is heaped upon those of the learned pro-
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fibroid tumours. The nature of the indication is quite similar to that
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discovered, little by little, that in all the city of Damascus, the most
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of ataxia, the only positive symptom being the boring
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one hundred. The completion of this Cyclops&dia is looked for anx-
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The first stage was over thirty hours in duration ; but
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so constant and troublesome does the return in some of these cases
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ulus given, which has caused such an advancement in gynaecology
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