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Third Examination i'or Medical and Sdrgical Degrees. Easter

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Communications. —Dr. Ball and Mr. Doynb made remarks on

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case, "expect vaccination to give more protection against small-pox th?.ii

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1 now divided the base of the appendix between two silk ligatures,

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the cornea. No doubt such operations have been faulty and

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Sir G. Trb\elyan, in answer to Dr. Fabquba'rson, said :

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such knowledge is needed for healing the sick ; and went on

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the amnion was washed out from amongst the intestines.

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and large doses of iDicarbonate of potash ; but I am not aware

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out to the effect that the preparation '' does not contain any

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number of small-pox cases in Glasgow to be stationary at 71, 1.) new cases

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of aortic valvular malformation in the production of the

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animals are made into beads and strung togetlier to form necklaces,

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Jenkins, J D., L R.C.P.Lond. White, W. T., L.R.C.P.Lond.

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parts. No other changes were detected on naked-eye examination. After

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rid of this diseased organ before it ruptured and poured out

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Roberts, St. Mary's Hospital ; M. Tliorne, Royal Free Hospital ; and

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witli high-reaching enemata, and in some cases saline purges.

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tion to all authority. It states that the gain of width is con-