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during the last five years of her life had become extremely obese, and
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every ease before administering an ana\sthetic, except
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ures, its work has not been altogether satisfactory,
by these constant unfortunate results. Even after following all the
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to be occasionally increased to 29*0 grammes. The same excellent observer found
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Inyan Kara Divide, August 30, 1892 ; Union Peak, August 14,
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taking up the experiment it became necessary to consider what mini-
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classes it as a disease under whose paroxysms or influence
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along this row. They care for the children during the day, at
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recognisable to all as a definite clinical entity, and he held that it would
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carbon monoxide (tbis latter an inodourous but very poison-
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Hannan was his own patient in this case, and surmised that he still had the
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Seeeadblla is another forage plant not used in England,
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in man's productive power, brought about by the development of
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1 Lecons sur les substances toxiques and medicamenteuses.
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In every case, before the operation is resorted to, the patient
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relish. Grot 'em all? well, I'll be off, then," and he whipped up
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enthusiastic concerning the action of rhus aromatic in dia-
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three times, but opened again. This is quite the usual procedure
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The foregoing table shows that certainly so far as dampness is concerned
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Dr. J. Grekoff of St. Petersburg points out that the recognised methods
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similarity which exists between the clinical phenomena at the crisis and those
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Semeiology. — Tumors form in the skin or under it; there is con-
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fundus vesicae was dragged along with the uterus, and retained in its new
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Bermingham, Edward J., 23 E. 46th St., New York, New York Co.
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professions. When a man goes to buy an acre of ground he has