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the recognised proof medium of Sabouraud, and bring another sample of growth

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is reported at length. Curettage was first performed

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we succeeded in this undertaking, with the consequence that we are

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ity. And so, too," relaxation of body may be employed

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Ovaries contained few cysts. Spleen not enlarged; extremely dark in color.

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treme exhaustion, emaciation is plainly apparent, the

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a long tube being used and the end of the tube allowed to drain in

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•34704 Hope, Sir Thos. Practical observations upon divers

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does it not feel the pains of others ; and if omni-

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under the influence of cold and damp and improvement

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remember what she had said, or what was said to her,

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in the former very slowly at a temperature of 22° C. without liquefying;

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air dried powdered drug of standard quality. They possess the

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* Medical Gazette. New Series, vol. xiii. p. 578. London, 1851.

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plates, catgut or other rings. The question of speed in

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nurses. Their three lines of work are quite distinct,

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tain normal tension before breathing again supervenes. As the apneic

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more, L. H. Humphrey, H. A. La Moure, Louis F. O'Kiell ('00) ;

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and a large shoe or sandal is fitted at the shoe-store. Such a

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the means for its proper pursuit in a due training of the

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Cesspits, Liquid Manure Tanks, and Manure Sheds. — The

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inquiry is made, Well, doctor, what can you do for my relief! I know

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into the alveolar spaces. The air-cells are filled with bloody exudate

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inches above its lower extremity ; the foot was placed be-

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certain extent the measure of the severity of the disease. He gave this

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In the carbonate of ammonia we have an admirable agent : since it

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be elected by an Advisory Board of five medical men,

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same way. Thus Jaffe found an encrusted cherry-stone in the

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tunic, by which the peritonaeum is joined to the pel-

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which are met with in hospital practice are the mineral acids with bark and

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tacking stubborn physical ailments, and of such vitalizing