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The method of procedure is as follows : the left indtex-finger is introduced

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Case I. — Mrs. H., aged thirty-five years, married eight years, the

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The brochure, which can be highly recommended, is illustrated with

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tained, with the exception of an attack of diarrhoea lasting some three

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A small sediment obtained by centrifugalization shows numerous

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The author proposes, as a means of haemostasis, the temporary digital com-

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The peculiarities of disease in the tropics are becoming of greater

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plained by the large size of the renal artery. But the destruction of multi-

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horizontal axes in this plane. For rotation on -any

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cording to official figures ; that is, one practitioner

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even if the point of the instrument did touch the piece of steel, that

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found in the discharges of twenty-six different patients, while three other

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l)ranch of medicine, just as it has been done in the

doxycycline for treatment of sards

seems to be without the slightest influence; and in the limited number of

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abnormal conditions, with their remote consequences, of the systemic or

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lowing measles is most likely to be fatal, since it finds not only the throat,

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are: Presklent, Dr. E. Stillman Bailey, of Chicago; gen-

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by pinching a small fold of the peritoneal coat of the appendix between

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symptom may be occasionally absent, as will be seen from the case

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June i6th. Dr. E. Rose Dorsett, aged seventy-six years.

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gland. Certainly always, in making the extract, great cai-e should be

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distinguished from this condition by continued observation ; thrombosis by

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semble, in staining characteristics and morphology,