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have added burdens to bear, but the needs of the sick man are met.

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Dr. D. A. Dukelow, director of the health and medical

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When the figures for these two periods are compared with those

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some considerable distance from the coast, as for instance in the Shir6

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Stiller found that in renal cases the calomel treatment

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clude a high index of suspicion. Patients should be inter-

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increased concurrently with an increase in their numbers. The

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was not greater, perhaps, than an orange, but the patient was very fat,

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thereby doubling the time for doing them. The British are a

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Harlan, M.D., Surgeon to Wills Oi)lithalmic Hospital.

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is sufficient. Chaput gives 0.4 as the first dose, and a subsequent dose

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ethmoidal cells or of the frontal sinus is to be con.»i(l-

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But, should the disease have attained its full development before the

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and polypoid growths or polypus of the rectum, uterine enlarge-

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lu 15 it remained a prumincnt feature throughout the

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per year. The closer relationship to Union College has been mentioned

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served ; and looking, as we were, for a verification of our

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weeks. Since that time she has engaged in long walks, systematic calisthenics,

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cases in which the fcetus attains maturity are, comparatively speak-

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Physical signs. — Absolute dulness, and absence of breath

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joint lesions. It is needless here to go into the de-

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French metropolis, it may not be amiss to add that of

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of latent heat, which was described in a paper to the Philosophical Club of

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In the cervical area the blood-vessel lumina were narrowed,

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ter treatment for Graves' hyperthyroidism. N Engl J Med 1992; 326: 1733-1738

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the skin has invariably a harsh, dry feel, and we do not always

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in the simple arrangement of the two nervous systems admirably adapt

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Morocco, where he applied himself, at first, to the

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projections into the lumen of the intestine, some being as large as a bean.

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structures of the body are non-conductive— \ shadow. Perhaue the most beautilul ocular

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and feared that those who had published brilliant suc-