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ble for the pilm to fully regain its natural flexibility.
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simple nourishment and clothing as well as bracing.
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thinking, advocate radical reform in dress, but in nearly all cases,
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arrest the secretion of milk from newly delivered females, provided
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' Goose egg white versus hen and turkey egg white. 29
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The local action of the bacilli is of the most intense character. There
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terical hemiplegia. There are two opinions brought for-
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matter from the nose, and which is kept up a considerable time ; sc
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cr^'ot, he adopts Pajot's maxim that it should never be given as
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splint. These bands arc applied so as to cross at the upper part of the
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more easily reached, and the nearer you get to the larynx, the
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gist has in cases of apoplexy in eclampsia found capillary
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Xorthboro', Worcester (1766), 1676 — Jewett, II. A.
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3 million disabled Americans; Medicare spending now ac-
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Mercury, in the treatment of syphilis, 268, 377, 675 ; ia
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subject of the etiology of phthisis pulmonalis and tuberculosis might be
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be taken as to the choice of a good machine. Althaus discusses this
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kill the preconceived prejudice.* All veterinary officers of
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The work indicates that the high incidence of pneumonia in this
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specific denominational connections, so that this class
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the existing law relative to foreign doctors in Italy."