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leaves permanently there. He has traced three of the patients
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C. Norris, M.D., Chairman of the William F. Jenks Prize
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tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets NE., all are out of immediate
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ment of Appendicitis " receives instructive notice in an
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discharge, when, if it does not prove irritating —
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become so shallow that retention of secretions is no longer feared,
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giddiness. She was regular, but subject to dyspepsia."
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ought to be hanged, etc., till they enraged some people to
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the skepticism still prevailing, we have been led to describe in detail
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meeting of the Medical Society of Victoria, a speci-
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and, after giving birth to a living child, the patient
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by others, rarely required operation later, even then
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thirty-sixth year. A year before she came to me she
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not good. There are indications of incipient phtnisis. I
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sure or fulness, sometimes attributed to disease of the
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one-fifth of the whole quantity of nitrogen in the body at the beginning of the
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This unfortunate presentation is one of rare occurrence. I never
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toma is likely to form. The pain and soreness disappear rapidly in
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examination early in the visit, before the patient has
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Fig. 32. Photographic reproduction of the photomicrographs of spirochetes
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trephine hole was then made, and the intervening bone removed
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tomische Studien iiber skandinavische Cestoden. 2.) [Read 9. Dec. 1891]
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