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We had a great excitement a few weeks ago in San Francisco

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cases of cerebro-spinal fever were in the hospital, illus-

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juster, a momentum might be communicated to the head of the bone, by

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cavity produces indigestion, from a change of relation between the

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and quite movable. It did not interfere with the bladder or

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shadowed him. Pott was a great clinician, perhaps the last of the

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points that he is called upon to determine, viz., sex and

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half an inch open ; and 4, from tilting the instru-

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confined to the two sides. The contrast between the Irish and English species of


The population of New York at this period was 76,000.

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waves of contraction, similar to the intestinal ones, occurring along their

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In regard to methods of disinfection comment is not

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The twelve different districts of the French capital have almost

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At the first alarm a large number of the inhabitants left ;

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court against the city for an injunction restraining the

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pus and blood ; the connective tissue cells have disappeared or become

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1950, Columbia University College of Physicians and

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The amount which they can receive is measured with mathemat-

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in a state of perfect health, is suddenly paralysed in one or more limbs.

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three feet long, splints of tin, one inch wide, may be

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Dr. J. G. Orton then presented the report of the Committee of Arrange-

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first; through such life-long habit of mind does the body grow as the

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Where the flower pollen of one species of plant mixes

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adopted to ward off disease, forty days, after which

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upon a floured cloth, and secure with tape, allowing a little

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and he was able, in another case, to show the presence of an entire

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or parasitic agent, I am imable to say ; though I believe that Ioav

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the memory of Nocard by the authorities of the town where he

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phatically no. Invalids must remember that they have as much to