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Bacterial phagocytosis was relatively infrequent in the large cells, but
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and it is to be hoped that the procession of recovered patients
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becomes brawny and edematous, but in erysipelas the skin is so in-
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something to do with the dilatation of the colon above. If Dr. Guthrie, with
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half a litre, and sometimes even a litre of matter resembling tar.
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India, and that of the American dogs who die by heart paralysis,
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alike when studied as isolated from their respective hosts. The dr>'
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after experimental lesions. After a lesion of a nerve-
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in 35 per cent solution. This dye fills the smaller
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though badly named, is full of interest, and in the consi-
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is ricing, let her obs^r^/e to wrap the parts in a single cloth, \
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be held over for operation until the interval far exceeded that which
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nch outside diameter. 1 No. 4, 2^-inch outside diameter. I No. 6, 3-inch outside diameter,
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were the only discoverable source of infection, the vision had already
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tomies and mechanical extension, to cure certain of my own
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with a tendency to sardis, no medicine will equal it in its effects.
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the non-appearance of secondary sexual characteris-
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little below it. The bowels were kept regular by a simple
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those who oppose, so as to have as few obstacles as possible to a cordial
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fifteen minutes. With galvanism there may be combined gentle
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tial death-rates, but there may also be in each the same mean
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carefully the air tubes, as far as was possible with the naked eye, of
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and the secretion from the ear, which had been augmenting
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1 Lecons sur les substances toxiques and medicamenteuses.
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lip and leg- disease (bacillus necrophorus) in sheep, a paragraph
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in other words, the alimentary canal would have stood in no need of
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the blood pressure back to its original height and hold it there for an
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temperature is then rapid, even precipitous, falling S'^ to 5° F. or
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Nightingale, by the high commission of Sir Sidney Her-
Anna S. Morgan, of Toledo, O., died July 30, aged 42.
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green vegetables alone. At this point the patient refused further hospital
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cool astringent lotions, vinegar and water. The tongue should
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his using his muscles freely." One morning he said he