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clinical entities; the osteomalacia of pregnancy especially and possibly senile


inflammation usually starts from these as a centre; bacteria may penetrate

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was discussed in the London Lancet, in 1893, by several English writers, among

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AtlaSy incUned to the same view, suggesting the name ''chronic rheumatic

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which the nonvolatile oriranic acid is i^ot rid of from the orfraiiism, (••

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Tile iai-e,l thi-eshoh! of sensory stiiiiiilatio;i is no donlit an elTcct of ih,.

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iiiiiiiials tliat there can be no himtrer ecntei' located on the cerebral cortex

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of facts, we must call in the aid of theory to correct

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T'lUs. on Pike's I'eiik. whi-n- the liiironiet lie pressure is A7>'.) iiHii. llu.

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this have been noted; some record as high as 5 and 6 per cent, of albumin.

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Tlnisi- «liii lia\i' lii:iilit.iiiiii| tliiil il ililirii'lU'V in tlir toiir iil' tin- vasn-

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MMoiis sinus. The ineinlirane that separates lilmid and eerelirospinal

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does not occur. The local form may occur on arm, leg, or trunk, less often

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teelli eoiiie tojretljer so iis to serve for liifiiiu' or eruslini.„' llie food. TIk

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in this latter instance profuse sweats being a common accompaniment,

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To make p..ssil,le sueh observations .m the normal ,-, „. ,

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ids. Duriiiu' •li'.'cstidii ol' protein tl:o livor docs iint niipojir to Wiiit

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bodies and (cortical) adrenal tissue are found, and the tissue around the

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tiililc liy till- pci'ci'iil.'itrc lltiin'cs. which were sccincij liy I'lili'iil.-it in

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of many cases of thyroiditis in acute infections it seems likely that not a few

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indicating a serious affection of the general health,

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phenomena and whose hands in the morning, after he had washed them,

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gests that cases showing the changes of the peri-articular form may later have

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" ' ■■I'"' •■I" "I'l'iiin-r Ilia,!' opp,,sit,' tli.- Ii.'art. tliis ..riraii can I.e sc.'ii

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in the various forms of arthritis with ankylosis of the ribs. These patients

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malady, as Oppenheim's patient, in whom the orbicularis palpebrarum

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of the ganglia and nerves. Edel found the solar plexus and semilunar ganglia

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the urinary tract, such as appendicular abscess, prostatic abscess, or pyosal-

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epidemic influenza, or gastro-enteritis. The presence of chills and fever

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water, the lips of the urethra are pulled apart by traction on the labia, and

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ture, vvhich are interesting, not only from the sin-

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ih til. veins the hhind 'iillsl IIhw -lelitly Ironi the tissues tow.'ird the

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