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got no result. The micrococcus in question failed to
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motley races peopling Constantinople, when the flags
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It is therefore for the use of such that this treatise is com-
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had a very violent seizui'e which lasted for a long time, after
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ulceration may produce stenosis, in which case all attempts to
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To the Alexandrians the diastole was the active phase of the heart,
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t McFadyean, on whose article in the Journal of the Boyal
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4. Cover the cotton with a second layer of paraffin. This
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breast, and none has gained so great a popularity as a mixture of vine-
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" Has yielded most favorable results."— J. C. GUERNSEY, M. D., Philadelphia,
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though he would apply it in a less complicated manner
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latter, it will be found that the results are favorable
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this statement is borne out by facts. If the pharynx is part of
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seemed necessary in the matter. It is to be hoped that we shall
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termination of the disorder. His opinions, however,
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filling up the foregoing returns, it must devolve on the surgeons
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plasia at the ends of the bones. Bircher believes that
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impeded; whilst in others they are w/j?ai>e(i. The rheumatism of the
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done ; it ought, whenever possible, to be performed under the
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gin from its internal surface. The inferior cysts themselves are found to con-
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said to be delayed. When glycosuria results, the tolerance for sugar
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be regarded as an aggregation of bundles of circular
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ertson, Julius Mildenberg, A. H. Baker, Jos. Hughes, S. S. Ba-
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any eruption at all, it is alike difficult to allay, as the great
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sequent on, its stimulation, a condition to be avoided in
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reported clinically in man consists of occasional dropped beats. In the
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sessed the peculiar properties of chloroform in affecting parasitically-diseased
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conceptions, real as we think, attaching to certain terms, are