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the introduction of phlogenic material directly into the blad
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epilepsy there are no lesions which are characteristic. Hered
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Among the former we have the chlorate and iodide of
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aromatic odor pungent astringent taste and yellowish
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parably more virulent than the atmosphere of the sick chamber
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and feU backward and to the right remaining conscious until
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will accept very much from the methods of such men certainly
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are wildly delirious and fight and struggle furiously. The pulse is
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sion upon the parte of his Body which was most suspitious which
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of the means already mentioned. And lastly venesection has been
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answered questions pretty well to the point. On the following day great
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pose upon the medical mind his opinion that irritation or inflammation
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virtues and uses and its tendency to mischief when injudiciously usei I.
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symptoms then appear which we are powerless to relieve an anorexia
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Head. On removing the calvarium the cerebral meninges were unusually dry
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the power to contract automatically. It has however been
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is by no means always so. The following measures now employed
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you whose history after fracture of the humerus has been re
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geons of this city. While not denying a certain etymo
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not been tried and the results if not always successful are
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companied by the ordinary signs of grave pelvic disease.. In
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would greatly facilitate their work. I again endorse
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derlying and specific cause of this phenomenon being the exhaustion
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smallest detail and a great enthusiasm for positive health.
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whatever the precautionary measures they may perhaps be unavoidable
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tological peculiarities. Thus a carcinoma may have metastases containing
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schools are taught by the same professor in the allo
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alding the development of a fatal cerebral disease but in the ma
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that when it was severe he would lose consciousness for a short
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The striking fact brought out in the last two tables is the great
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follows All recent cases of salpingitis and all malignant diseases
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Symptoms. An ill thriving or unthrifty condition is common
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