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payable in advance. None taken for a less period than three
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clenches being raised by the forward growth of the foot
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tory evidence of good moral character. He shall have
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Graduate Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, Phila., Pa.
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Dr. Fuller speaks very highly of the use of sulphate of zinc
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abnormality of the kidneys has been found at the autopsy.
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of 2000 injections that he has made, he had abscesses only in
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most populous pai:ts of the ciiy escaped with comparative
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The fact that he burnt his right arm five years ago points to
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Local Treatment of W/cers.— Rochard recommends fre-
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of the bone struck by the projectile and the impetus given to the
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of us were educated, and the States. The card or " roster " of the
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retained than anything else (Howitz). Pain is subdued by
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countries, the history of disease, and the origin and
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undergo mental alarm, moral weakness, and be really ill. Of
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ments that can never be reached or attained by the plodder
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by Dr. Starling Loving, of Columbus, Ohio, was read
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the causes of the first, violence in parturition or in the
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The various Governments and great companies ought to establish posts
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hours afterward, two drachms are given. Generally this is. suf-
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12. Morison, J. M. W., and White, L. : Arch. Radiol. & Electroth. 23:282
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not at once be made available, great benefits can be
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subject he is unrivalled, and to its literature he has made many
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kinds for several weeks. She has finally recovered her mind, and now takes food again, and is
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piralysis, and dependent upon no serious structural
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more speedy healing of tissues and freedom from unto-
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herent to the left supra-renal capsule ; its structure was not affected .
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This was true, particularly for our purpose, of the
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diabetes mellitus— A comprehensive program. West J Med 1993 Jan; 158:47-55
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cles, they were in all the cases connected by an open foramen
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inflammation, and consequent exostosis to the bones of the pastern.
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parts, especially around the proliferated ducts, the stroma b-
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St. Louis Clinical Record. c q ! /ADVERTISING RATES
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that of visiting nurses. There are twenty of these nurses. All are
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there is irritation or destruction of the cerebellar pe-
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who are of the same temperament as their husbands, are either sterile, or if
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le reading of the lowest temperature since the instru-
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still, when we take into account all of the heretofore
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simplicity and plansibility, acquired pretty general favor; a few, how-
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left Nevers came down by train early next morning (September second) and reported
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a spray with still better results in the United States. It is advisable
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pulse is at first full, but soft and compressible, and moderately quickened