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D. Dalma (Lancet, Jan. u, 1902), who tried the effect of gasu-
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ease of the alcoholic who is reared of an alcoholic parent, who in
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Leyden in 1868. On page 403, DaCosta says: "A peculiar kind of
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muscles, with remarks on recurrent fibers in the ventral spinal nerve
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anxiety. Such actions have not been adequately studied or related to dosage
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time that the cuticle had re-formed. If hyperplasia of the lymphatic gland
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of the toxicity of the digitoxin of the original tincture still unac-
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frequently the result of ankylosis or paralysis. (6) Eccentric atrophy
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specific properties of cells and fluids in health and in disease of the broadest
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able 0.5 per mille to eight or ten per mille,'' there is always
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