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point in their lives, successful follow-up of one of them found
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or diminished by its use, and thus form a guide for the practitioner.
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ever, or take from, just as the indications appeared. Thus,
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sounding word might have on the patient. As we were going through
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Dispensed by all reliable apothecaries. Put up in four, ten and sixteen ounce
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essential use to each other in their respective departments.'* On this mutual influence
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tion is feeble and the skin is constantly moist and cool
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G. also entered, remained a short time and left the room,
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sion. We live in age of excitement. Oui whole environment
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pressure in any given case till he had tried it himself. It is desirable that we
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may be produced by pressure upon any of the large veins in the chest or
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Edinburgh school was at one with Dr. Bantock. It was difierent with
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its of its declared principles and the method of its organisation. Still,
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Fiat solutio. Employed in scrofulous ophthalmia, with intole-
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follows: A standard stock culture of the B. typhosus should be kept and an
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the tetanic infection in this manner ; or it may have been through the con-
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A youth, aged 17 years, died after excision of the knee. The operation
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original illuminating gas, made of common mineral coal, is a
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any fairly executed work, be it journal, translated
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and round-celled sarcoma, with an excess of fibrous tissue.
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tions and applications that have been continued steadily mean-
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The last volume, nicehr bound in <iloth,may be had at the ofllca, for ft 00,
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E. F. Gushing, M. D.. 35 Bound Volumes; 12 Unbound Volumes; 85
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that it will do any harm in this respect — ^but because it
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no evidences of functional disturbance of this organ worth men-
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The elaborate reports made by such men as Paul Bert and Reg-
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can be no question that this is the best plan, but no general rule can be