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and viewed with a microscope, the vessels are seen to contract
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If I confined my attention to only these cases in which I had
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tached to a rock, which sits over the bed, by means of wire. Directly over
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supply of oxygen. This formation of volatile compounds explains those
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I assert now, that many cases of cheesy pneumonia in chil-
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above all others, some prompt means of relief, and also some certain
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that the subject is unmentioned at our best medical
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Astringent; used in diarrha-a, dysentery, and menorrhagia,
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To a little child who had nearly died of diphtheria he
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the exact opposite of that ordered for persons afflicted
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German Society for the Study of the History of Medicine and the
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majority. Among other symptoms occasionally seen were vertigo, tinnitus
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to vary very greatly with the nature of the diet upon which an animal is fed, being
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superficially there was arborescent injection. On microscopical ex-
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semi-starvation enjoined by the dogmas of former days proved its fallacy by the
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retained products of conception, seems to be about as follows : On
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xliii. p. 448. — 33. LoisoN. "De I'ulcere endemique de Gafsa," Arch, de mid. milit.
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renewal of the symptoms came on about three weeks ago ; he has
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Chronic Hepatitis. — There are two kinds — Cirrhosis or Harden-
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The tumor occupies the greater part of one end of the kid-
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N. Y. had traveled together, stopping a day or two at Buffalo and two or
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in brass-moulding. Galippe took fairly large closes of copper for one
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the costal cartilages and anterior extremities of the
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and the extremities are cool. Ultimately increasing dull-
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currents in Medical Science." The exposure of Homoeopathy,
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so as to keep the limb extended, and the upper fragment shotdd be
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medical men. The strenuous, persistent and unscrupulous efforts
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foreign sources of supply in the matter of materia medica.
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which will cure the victims of all contagia from ringworm