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Fractures 0} the bones 0} the foot are best treated by a plaster-of-

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25°C. Ethyl lignocerate settles out in the form of bright scales.

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ease his mind by vague references to the future closure of the wound

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following the injection of serum there occurs an elevation of tempera-

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The differences between the base period and the test period

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by .a spiral t^wist of the peduncle differing in degree in different individuals, as in

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profound at an earlier date than is usual in scarlet fever. The Klebs-

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In malaria, syphilis, tuberculosis, malignant and benign

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moderate drinker, but an excessive smoker. His pupils are unequal,

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remedy must be effective, unirritating and non-poisonous, suscep-

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how striking an illustration is thus afforded of the alleged general law.

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end of twenty-four hours the rag is removed ; the slough separates

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free from nitrates and other ingredients which would en-

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emphysema. The remainder of the patient’s hospital course

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mended for the sick are of the greatest importance, especially

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are injured in their health and defrauded of their money, by such im-

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subcutaneous tissues ; partly is split up. The chief

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using a mattress, but did not have the canvas stretch-

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catarrhal lesions of the olfactories, are familiar examples.

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other. I have already alluded to the fact familiar to anatomists,

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1. As a*preliminary proceeding before extirpation of a cancroid growth from

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nesium sulphate and some other remedies of this class will

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tions, with largo holes, were seen in the interior, as

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ihe belief that he has received a mortal wound. At Gen-

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with a "<lying deelaraiion," Draper, F. W., 461, 471; a case of

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age, if in poor health or suffering with some other disease, and if the hygiene

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