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j\I.B. On the internal use of carbolic acid, by Moritz Benedikt, M. i)^

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useful as chloroform for irritable subjects in the first stages ; but

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lucent with grayish yellow or yellowish brown scales or crusts distributed over

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The author points out that the first case of this condition was described

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be so in every subsequent attack, and in all probability it will be the

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cipital protuberance, it is obvious that more shock results from opera-

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eyes, and the sharp discomfort of harvest time that came with the binding of

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of Medicine. Assistant Attending Physician, New York

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with Scheele's green mixed with other pigments — with chromate of lead,

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one-half fingers above the stemo-mastoid notch. I clamp all bleeding

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being soft bad brutes for two years, utterly unable to

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City Registrar — W. A. Apollonio. Office at City Hall; office

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talking, he might have poured out two teaspoonfuls of the strychnine

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1 especially troublesome to foales,' it would appear the disease he

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taking the clinical history in connection with the physical

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Some authors have drawn a distinction between the irritation fol-

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that speculative philosophy which has of late years crept into

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tious advice and judicious care. A lack of these may result

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fession of all schools, and Reports and Reprints of Medical Articles from such will be

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Dr. Simon took opportunity to state that he had, during the prevalence of

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distressing pains I have felt for several years about my heart — the flutterings — the

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this time she convalesced slowly, and on the 3rd of April, her

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son, being compelled perhaps to maintain a constrained position

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Germany," then a very grave danger threatens one of our most

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Bardach. Ann. de I'Inst. Pasteur, i. 1887, ii. 1888.— 6. Bauer. Milnch. med.