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Common on the Laramie plains, appearing very early.

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the billeting or allotment of barrack space can be controlled.

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of Leopold conferred upon him by the King of Belgium.

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Alterative — A medicine that gradually induces a change.

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which will undoubtedly excite considerable criticism.

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it can find, and for a week it grows very rapidly (to 0'56 mm. by 0"024

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cottages usually consist of ticking containing densely packed and

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Helmont, who placed in the epigastric centre the principal archaus}

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pain. I have seen a patient with a recent fracture of the femur

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to some extent. No new strains were added because it was considered

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the use of purgatives to overcome the preceding trouble

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leaves with pulverized black lead, a powerful poison. The English

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muscles, as in the forearm, it is well to try the simple measures

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latterly an ulcerated condition of tongue and mouth; she had lost flesh,

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was negative. His father (II, 1) had had frequent spontaneous attacks of

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dish, and place it in another vessel half full of boiling water.

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Position of Stalls. — The question of labour is a very

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Mr. Callender (Brit. Med. Journal, November 4, 1876), who is of

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perineal repairs we have given up the old-fashioned denuding opera-

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in the intestine it probably aids somewhat the process of absorption. The

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of thirty-one cases of peritonitis. I first came across this bacillus in the

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with colicky pains. He had taken salts, castor oil, and cathartic pills,

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Slight injuries, with subsequent localized accumulations of pus,