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Girls, give this Prescription (originated by Dr. Pierce) a trial. You won't regret

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Cutler, C. N. Two cases of eclampsia successfully treated by vene-

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fever in which no parasites can be found are demonstrably due to

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cleanliness is an equally important factor in the success of

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acromegalic patients for over two years J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1987; 65:703-710

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Dr. Davis, of Chicago, presented a partial report on the nutritive quali-

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there is not only pain, but great fever and excitement, and

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G. F. Faulkner, Dr. E. J. Fallon, Dr. C L. Megowan, Dr. J. P.

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retractation, as the result of more recent investigations upon the

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been mentioned in the preceding report, viz. Mrs. Buchanan, whose

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K Affll IT ft The result is a grateful relief to the sufferer and satisfaction to the physician. No

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forcible injections of cold water, after which, through the flexibility of the