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subsequently received several injections of 1-lOth of a milligramme,

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been unable to find in medical literature — providing care be taken to

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syringe and claims that the mucilage acts as a protection

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the tissues by the ray fungus. This disease is quite com-

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but of smaU size, movable, with a nipple-shaped cervix and

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symptoms are by far the most conspicuous evidences pres-

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.Number of patients limited, assuring the personal attention of

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anxiety, as one always fears a complication. They may be accompanied

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limb. Holes should be cut in the leather where the splints pass

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the saliva, are swallowed with the greatest ease, even when of the largest size

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PJi'ijtolaccce hacca — Poke-berries — a most valuable remedy in acute articu-

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gamboge, agents that exert an injurious influence upon the

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liferation of bone at the medial and lateral aspects of

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alone was not sufficient, I have had a folded sheet

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been bleached with oxymuriatic acid, will irremediably

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(Browne, Sir Thomas.] Religio medici, with annotations never before

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good air and not any peculiar property of it which effected the

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those eighteenth century days, and true aneurism appears to have

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Auflagen und 9. Aufl. herausgegeben von Seitz, 1874. — Perl und Lipmnnn,

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to the relative frequency of its occurrence in males and

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requiring to be urged onward with an impetus that may overcome for-

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We have used strong words in criticizing this conduct of

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viate, and corredl the fharpnefs of the juices ; the

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colorized, sometimes only in part when they can be clearly recognized, but

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promoted from any rank or class to the next above it, and shall,

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unimpaired mentality. The legs are always short so as to be out

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They were all of spherical shape, and enclosed in a thin layer of

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symptoms, it is a serious condition to meet and handle. It is

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acrimony, continually growing worfe, pains, gripes,

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tion of sweat and saliva. After the patient had received

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from the fact that our proxy in the spotlight has tried and failed to do the

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.4fae other glands may occasionally pass off in the urine. And

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thickening of both tibiae. The liver is somewhat enlarged and the

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definite size which remains constant thereafter. The entire

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weeks ago, two minute pieces of bone came away ; they

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munerated the surgeons by an allowance of money proportioned to

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of the vessel. These conditions cannot be fulfilled in any part or

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The figures represent the relative position each preparation holds

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Johnson Symington, M.D., P.R.S. , and Thomas Hastie Bruce, M.D. Eleventh

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that he was told of it by a " gentleman of veracity from Mar-