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the patient gives way to this and lies down, he is likely to inhale
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there are multiple suppurative processes in the body. These occur especially
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tion, 1874-1896; recording secretary, 1886-1897; and president, 1898.
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or that in operative midwifery, especially in forceps operations,
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The first stage was over thirty hours in duration ; but
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this subject, so momentous in its ajjplicatious, has,
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who have just as good and just as strong claims as these
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Fig. 31. Diagram of experiment to show that the diastolic pressure depends on the elasticity
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It is difficult to describe a man such as he; but one may mention a
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hands and relax while exhaling and coming down. Repeat seven times.
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coincidence of alopecia with dental lesions. For his own part he
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onlooker, aggravates the affection for the time being. Further,
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resembles a false membrane of greater or less dimensions. The
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off gases, perhaps having a foetid odor. When adhesion is
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due to this element rather than to the choice of a par-
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Hypodermic Medication — Dr. J. A. Washington, and Not
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ble near the apex, replacing the first sound at this point;
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carefully conducted hospitals for the sick, possessing a very
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had met such a fate. In this very fact might have been
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that the Sixteenth International Medical Congress is to be held in
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permit of a satisfactory cooperation from these men.
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March issue of the British Journal of Children's Diseases' Apparently, the
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ence between our results and those of Rosenow can be explained by
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tigations on tobacco ; pathology, and diseases caused
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filtered, and evaporated. The residue was dissolved in dry ether, filtered, and
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syphilis, from 6 to 9 injections had to be employed to produce
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Benzo-naphthol is the remedy to be preferred whenever there is a
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solid organs of the body. It will be seen that tliis case, the result of
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tions of the uretlu-a ; (4.) None of tiie varieties which they found
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appointed at large by the President-elect, who, with the titular officers,
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warrant some surgical interference for ms relief Dr. C. con-
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diet. Then also, I am convinced that medicines had better be
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tals or a white granular powder; odorless and with a sweetish taste.
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escape these syphilides of the labial commissures."