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of the series were of the dysenteric type, characterised by persistent fever

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hardly less misleading when inferences were drawn as to the nature and

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In a few days one may increase the quantity and not the consis-

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with certainty be ascribed to digitalis, as on withholding it the pulse

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against the revival of the dilating operation was much stronger before

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To sum up: A young man who had suffered from severe attacks of

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Chestnut Hill Hospital. Carpenter and Quincy Streets,

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external femoral sheath which is a parietal or muscular

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delights provided for them by the entertainment committee, presided

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scarlet fever which comes on after a wound or operation,

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now begun, and was increased progressively, slowly, and from time to

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patient under treatment for this morbid state should be regularly

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and 500 to 600 grams of porridge and a cup of milk for supper. In

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riorated muscular movements. By these means, in suitable cases,

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partially closed its eyes on looking at anj'thing ; another of the children

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be allowed to become pregnant until one year old. Before that

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three months, but then a similar ulcer developed on the right heel,

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Resolved, That the Secretary of said Society be. and hereby is instructed to

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attached to the larger hospitals, the general impression being, of

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when, perhaps, the services of a laparotomist were not

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a number of instances by the Holman 58 sugar standard. By this means

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in a flat dish with enough water or broth to cover them, add

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on the excellence of the illustrations, there is nothing to be said. He

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instructions, or ideas contained in the material within.

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many of its strands are replaced by ligamentous bands. Action upon

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the Cathedral College, and Sometime Dean and Professor of Functional

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sclerotic condensations. Along the humeral shaft, irreg-

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like a magnified honeycomb, completely evacuated, and lined by an

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prolonging life which an operation could afford, and

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Aconite was introduced into the materia medica centuries ago, long

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is an indication of an intoxication with decomposition products in

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preference is given to the sulphuric. Sulphate of soda, in quarter-

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lesions in the appendixes of five of these animals. Three of the ten

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