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patient went to his work, about fifty days after the commencement
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(i) See, however, below under the marginal heading :
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meal and white sugar, 3 oz. of butter, enough carbonate of soda to
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The Liernur system has been in successful operation
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remain intact in dyspepsia ; but, as a rule, it decreases or dis-
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the War of the Rebellion," part iii, Surgical Volume).
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by ordinary bacterial infection none died — an unusual pathologic
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goiter, has been regarded by some as evidence of hyperthyroidism."
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His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the award of a Second Bar
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The laws of our society, though its incorporation dates back sixty-
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Before passing to the special theme of this lecture it is fitting that I
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posite reflexes are constantly competing with each other for possession