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A Jonmal of MviVn-ine, f^unjery awl .lllinl Si-ifnr)»,]iut>H»hiil at
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The upper wound was all but sound and had furnished no dis-
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There are two methods of operation: (a) the rectal route when
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Morbid anatomy. — The number of deaths from cocaine are few. It
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poultices applied every three hours ; and if this treat-
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to its oxygen or to any of its gaseous constituents that
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There was slight pain in the head of the radius, increased by
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doses of narcotic, often fully three times the amount required by a
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and a very dry tongue ; all coming on with the increase of
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commonly a close bulk-head, ought either to be grated, or constructed
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The anniversary meeting of November 20th, 1890, was
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never, in his yearly peregrinations, brought out these
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in the urine, which soon becomes albuminous. It is not un-
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well cover any grease or oil which may get spilled or daubed
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disease, supj)uration of the vesicles, even in unvacci-
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nitric acid, pressed firmly against the diseased surface and passed through ttie
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validity of these conclusions. Mott does not give any information
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Fascia — A layer of connective tissue covering and investing all muscles.
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Were people killed outright by foul air, its dangers would
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off each perforation (see fig. 3.) Separation of the omental tag showed
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tion should be to lead men to see and know the divine, spiritual and
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lation necessary to remove the stones. In these cases we often
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the feet ; the breath is released all at once. This tends