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pation, intestinal catarrh, catarrh of the bladder, anae-
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stay in our sanatoria is harmful to the institutions and an injus-
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uncomplicated by infection with Bacillus- dysenteric, one was bac-
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tion of 1 in 1645. Seven of them are allowed to be probable instances,
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would expect them to be more separated peripherally on the con-
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ment that mav exist The dose never exceeds two grains
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anything tuberculosis in which tubercles do not grow in that
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the inclement weather of Brest, as most of the cases developed on the
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gitis occurring during the epidemic of 1904 the ages ranged from four months
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courses of not less than three months each upon Medical Juris-
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sensibility to light touch (epicritic system) run parallel in peripheral
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why a localized hyperemia of the conjunctiva should
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such remarkable results, is, that it appeals not to one but many
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The Philosophy of Change : a Study op the Fundamental Peikciple of the Philosophy
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itive authority for declaring that they are "dead leucocytes."
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14 males taking preparatory courses, any of whom may decide next ^ear to take the agricultjiral
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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his dressing station was heavily
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prompt and satisfactory in its influence upon this group of
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again, while saliva and mucus flow from the mouth. This state of
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tant to mark the places where scarlet fever exists, because I do not
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and the starchy or carbohydrate food constitutes two-
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eign investigators. Of the former group of cases sixteen were observed in
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these cases secondary haemorrhage was a frequent occurrence. Some
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The treatment of this affection is considered on page 97.
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tion of the same size as the other, and perfectly resembling it — it
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the discoverer of the healing art, and that she appeared
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great deal more than the endeavour to check the spread of infection,
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will pay the fees of undergraduate students, or a physician may pay $30 . 00 per
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Samuel H. Catlin ; Tolland County, Lucius D. Isham.
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Unfortunately, the estimates on this subject have not been made in
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diseases and remedies well arranged and indexed, and, in addition,
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regarded as but different names for the same disease, for a
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* Presented to the ObtUtrie Medicine Seotion at the Annaal Meeting of the British Med-
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lobar pneumonia, and is the type most frequently encountered in
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ties; urine was suppressed for twenty-four hours, and percussion on
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there is never the least danger if it falls regularly, and if the inhalation is
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and neck, the heart of the celery, stalks of a bunch of parsley,