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similarity of the drills in use then and now. It has been
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was slightly enlarged with bilateral fixed adnexal masses
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Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided fo^ in section 1 103, act of October 3,
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in 26 extremities, 3 times on both sides, and 10 times each on one side.
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mitted to remain on or near the patient's bed during the twenty-
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had been quite crippled for along time by the disease,
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earth and he that is wise will not abhor them." Now
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last. The diagnosis of obstruction of the cystic rather
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than there had been since, although more than 13,000
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which journals have been silly enough to consider some of
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since met with no opacities. Cocaine diminishes the
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lungs, such as ammonia, chlorine, nitric and sulphuric acid.
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cers were elected : President, Dr. Landon B. Edwards, Virginia
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with the nasal resonance. The consonants are pronounced
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tissue. In some cases these growi;hs, especially the smaller ones,
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periosteum in these cases is always saved if it can be done conveniently,
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1 was rolled up around its broad basis, so that it would
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for internal administration. We are satisfied of its great
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the employment of coal-tar in certain scaly stages of eczema, and gives a pre-
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metritis. However, he preferred leeching as a means of carrying this out.
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sheet of cap paper must be laid to receive the fish, or if it
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pected, while altitude, if more than .SCO or 400 feet, has a
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of the convenience of the operator and the patient than
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produced in the heart and that the respirations are intended
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three cases with a definite loss of substance. According to the
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nizing the tumor. It was only detected after some difficulty,
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which time passive motion of the fingers was commenced;