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typhus. Mr. Abernethy remarked that were a physician to see

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economy, and sociology. Its aim has been to cultivate inde-

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K. N. Fenwick, Kingston; Dr. Reeve, Toronto; Dr. Phelan,

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Jackson and Beevor have described a case of olfactory aura

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ter may come back at a future day and ask us to "make the pun-

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of income, or ability, ought not to marry, for that means

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quently, and especially during the last half hour, had a very faint and

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ani, pruritus vulvae, pruritus scroti and pruritus senilis.

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degree. At present programs are available in Dental Public Health,

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rise to very serious symptoms. Although usually benign in character,

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to drink tea for breakfast, upon leaving off this habit, will feel

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vention were the same as destruction. But no life is destroyed by the

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constantly impeded must cause many distressing disorders. Falstaff,

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CHITIS. EMPHYSEMA). INDERAL should be administered with caution since it may block

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with success; but it is volatile, and will not retain the

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If intestinal auto-intoxication is the sole and primordial

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operation may be followed by symptoms of mental impairment, we are

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Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. xi and xii, June and

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are accustomed to use, i.e., abstention from sugar, amylacea, and

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helped along by giving it a slightly boring motion. Proceeding thus

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completely by surprise, broke before it. On the two following

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of its efTicts: "In the course of four or five days the patient was enabled to

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ining the contents one hour after Ewald test-breakfast, the

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with their French equivalents of the common forms of drugs and dressings, and of the

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noted. It will then depend upon the extent of the changes of the

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covering is one of the most valued parts in meat-pro-

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Aoconnt of the Poisoning of Thenard by Corroeiye Sublimate 398

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these are entirely absent in that supplied by cirrhosed kidneys.

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the means for its proper pursuit in a due training of the

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term as assistant physician at the State Hospital and remained there' until May,

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economy, of phosphorus in an oxydizable condition. The chemical

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thread. The bag is then distended with water, the degree