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syphilis. It is possible that the stages of the other exanthems are too

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put me to much trouble, and after trying many experi-

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towels for common use are there. May I ask this question. "Must a

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ulcers, if any exist, by frequent cleansing, once, twice, or more times

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on the last day of the month, every ill symptom having disap-

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from chorea, from damp and cold, and from mechanical injuries. As

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IS, as a rule, large, but it may be of any size. It is

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better to fortify the wound in this way at once, and as fast as the first

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Dr. W. O. Stillman, of Albany, sends me the notes of a case where

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thouo'ht to be in danger of dyifig or becoming speedily deprived of his

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because it will be deformed, unsightly and an actual hindrance. Usually the tissues

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most cases will not; but if she' does tal£e the bull she wont breed, as

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walls of the heart, and changes taking place with them

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ling eyes, a mouth perfectly shaped, and a well-rounded, graceful

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her duties in school cheerfully and successfully resumed.

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junction of ileum and colon in the human subject. Pulse

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the temperature is again above 102,5°, the bath is repeated. During the bath

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a long course of in-and-in breeding. We are told, however, that

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The right lung did not entirely clear up, until about

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tochthonous centre of medical influence in the whole

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recurred in many of those who had remained on land in the hospital, as also

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petual falling, with a perpetual self-recovery." There-

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from the core and to be broken up into small and sharp angular

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which I reported, some sort of an operation was at-

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man living in the neighborhood, hearing what had occurred, groped his way

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the theses read and defended by them on that occasion.

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teats, each of which is guarded by a sphincter muscle at

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A study of the various reported cases emphasises the points