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for example; a haemorrhage when it occurs in the deep central

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rather too cursory a manner to be of great value. We

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pulse, redness of the membranes of the eye, nose and mouth ;

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congestion of the brain (epilepsy included) there is no evidence of such

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of the Sanitary Company, from which it appears tliat 20,-

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ascertained facts are there, however, and, combined with further work

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the child observed the friction sound which in adult cases has

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on the cerebral meninges the meningococcus, tlie pneumo-

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First of all, resolutely determine that you will never be

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which is essentially an ulcerative disorder." And this opinion is

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our plight was an unenviable one. We had destroyed all the

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clinically improved. She was still toxic, but all signs and syniptoms were less

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conditions respecting temperature and oxygen, which undoubtedly

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nied by neither the suddenness nor shock which char-

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prognosis is good. In the second, which is not rare, the

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presents a coloration which varies from a clear cafe-au-lait to a

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• Although a few indicated that additional informa-

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will leave ''hickly spread on bread where rats can get at it,

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It is hardly necessary to state, that had an operation been per-

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there is a lifting of the periosteum beyond the tumor. Pyogenic in-

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Residency Training. Training in internal medicine continues after graduation from medical

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practiced on some farms is not done under the guidance

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the fcetus fills the orifice of the womb with its head.

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cut to allow the penis to pass through. Over the gauze was placed

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tartar emetic was subsequentiy increased to 40 and 50 centigrammes (8 or 10 grains) in the

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The inferior boundaries of the lung, both anteriorly and pos-

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wretched cookery, as I have before intimated, this error is productive of

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on pressure in iliac region, and evidently no reaccu-

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.have nothing real or profound from her, and that, in the capital point, in the

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sis, the weekly average being 172.75, against 162.25