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69. Verbiest H: The significance and principles of computerized axial tomography
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affections. It is further to be remarked, that extensive infiam-
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quiescent for twenty-two or twenty-three hours out of every twenty-
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into desuetude, lives have been lost, and suffering has
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of the bullet in diameter, and extending from the front nearly to
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3 days of concomitant therapy). However, bleeding and extreme prolongation of prothrombin time has been
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l'homme et du rat. [Abstract of 1902 b, by Max. Luehe] <Jahresb. ii. d. Fort-
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(b) Zone of superficial anesthesia with preservation of
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fares from the station at which they enter upon French soil.
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Although, as Professor Yoit says, alcohol cannot, under normal circum-
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chronic pneumonia, phthisis, etc., were apt to occur from this
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J^»Mlvo livatmcnt thoy had received there. But it was
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courageous tutor, the crafty yet cowardly spy, the pusillanimous and
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more or less dilute or concentrated form, and even to the re-
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rarely pains in the joints. Unfortunately, the period of immunity
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break the monotony of passive daily living. Having met Miss Shaw I
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thra. In the night he felt pain in the loins, and ate well, and had no pain.
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every day by myself and some of my colleagues, and was also seen by
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the existence of congestion of the encephalic, pectoral, and abdomi-
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they were not themselves of a true specific nature.
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cells. The number of red corpuscles in the blood is
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(c) Pellagra has been variously regarded as: (1) an intoxica-
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true lipoma of the pharynx. The patient was a woman, thirty-
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at the old distillery that used to stand on Lincoln street, and
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more. The leaves and the bark are the parts used in medi-
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need hardly remind the reader that Drs. Lewis and Cunningham assert that
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alphabetically — a plan which is, upon the whole, the most useful to
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the opei-ation. Fonnerly I used a vei-y fine plati-
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and not to a re-infection. Relative to searching for the spirochagta or
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colic, loss of flesh. The worm sometimes finds its way into the
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no sign of organic disease is found, but hemiplegia develops —
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To collect the taxes and pay the same to the Treasurer.
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by the pyknometer to be 1016.8. Unfortunately, no quantitative
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peritoneal spilling is reported. The cause is unknown