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abnormal one ; from traumatism or accom- of the eyeball. Cases have been reported
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slaughtered in the year 1900, under Federal meat inspection,
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to the painful contact of the urine with the wound. But some-
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rolling-pin. In preference to this coarse and unsurgical pro-
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identical with scrofula and measles. Sacco and Na.sbot consid-
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logy which the last few years has seen. And the first thing
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is reported as occurring in the most northern latitudes in which
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The rosettes are composed of a number of club-shaped struct-
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Women ; Fellow^ of the New York Acad- book for the student and general practition-
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kitchen salt, rock salt, sea salt, &c., the latter term being applied
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occurs, and the natural movements of the eye are more complete.
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I shall not go into detail, as to the symptoms or causes of this
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case of complete paralysis of the third nerve of the right side ; a
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its sheath ; in fact, it was recommended by one author, that the
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this stage of the disease may be early and and calls loudly for more careful study and
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route along the nerve to the central nervous system is much,
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utterly impossible at night, in consequence of the failure of gas, the
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port and at the same time be light and comfortable to wear and
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stimulans les plus diffusibles et les phis actifs ; comme tel, Taction
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and severe cases, the feces are reddish to almost natural hue to a whitish, lemon yel-
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greater amount of ulceration, in the discharge, and the free
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the supervention of some critical discharge or other. Epistaaps
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to the Eoyal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, &c. &c.
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to plant life and evetually, if not perhaps diseases arc more or less dangerous directly
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piling and preparing a most satisfactory because a smaller volume could not have
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Aorta alone ! exclaims a tyro at our elbow. Yes, and not one page too
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the extremely hot summer of 1868. Eggenstett, it appears, is a
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ne instances, the catgut was thought to have been absorbed,
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udder. Jour7ial of Applied Microscopy. Vol. I. (1898) p. 205.
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quisite to employ general, in combination with topical treatment.
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the Thompson stone searcher. Another obstruction with a galvano-cautery intro-
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seems hardly to give sufficient credit to the natural tendency of
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ture, die after the same period of time and with lesions similar
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those who cannot take mercury by the mouth, or in whom it
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tlie application, which should be made before going to bed, a
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scarlet fever, diphtheria, autumnal diarrhoea, typhus, cholera,
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— ' support ' — which can only be given by food. This is not only
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in some of these cases, but I have not as yet had opportunities of
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sal aspect of the glans penis, in the course of the dorsal nerve, has
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March 25th, — Coughs once a day ; no vomiting; not hooping ;
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which contrasts only slightly with the surrounding liver tissue
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tion, with collections of pus in different parts of the body. Mr.