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water in which a handful of salt has been allowed to dissolve.

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der. Sleep is more broken by restlessness, and walking becomes more

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which will undoubtedly excite considerable criticism.

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Oil of Sandal. Dr. Parle, of Stanmore, Eng., states that

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healed. Upon examining the wrist-Joint after the amputation, they found about a drachm of

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109, Drosera rotundifolia. Linden L. Pectoral, and used in asthma.

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whole pepper and salt to taste, a few cloves, and a little mace ;

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53. The SALT Collaborative Group: Swedish Aspirin Low-dose Trial

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priated by Congress for the work of the Bureau of Animal In-

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build cities, not poems," and may justly infer that,

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was situated a little higher than the extremity of the visual axis.'^| Now, it really in-

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It would afford gratification, did the occasion admit, to bestow a

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results from gastro-enterostomy are very much better.


The atrophy may ultimately affect the diaphragm, when

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aspiration of a spray containing in it the sputa from human phthisi-

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retention. This may present a problem, especially in

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and dwell for a few moments on the obverse side; death and

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elicited the following history; Dr. "Blank," an old

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was found in 41.5 per cent, of cases containing germs;