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matter at all more clearly than our predecessors a century and
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are got rid of. It is said by some that if mangels are
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should be kept as clean as possible from ! various reasons, be received with caution,
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this spring and made a good growth, but the vines kept
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made most prominent those features of crudity and mutability which belonged to
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The effects of inunctions of mercury in syphilis are both marked
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as " sarcoptes-equi." The eruption ensuing on the skin of a horse,
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'" voice, striae of the skin of the abdominal wall, and a male-
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"for preventing by diabolical arts the said earl and his
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areas of skin are produced where pressure has been applied. The
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1. AirpR'iuiix IX. to Final Meport of Royal Commission on Vaccination, 1896, p. 2. —
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stopped at once; if there is shock lower the head and give a little
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"Little or nothing but solid opium was given for three or four
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bit, about four weeks; in the cat, eight weeks. The period of
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the esophagus he assumed the sitting posture, being requested not to
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cians, disguising their remedies, as is now quite possible, by the use of
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afflicted with tubercular leprosy, in which the nose,
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however, a class of women, who, free from all domestic restraint, could min-
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weight, but it is clear that the elasticity of the struc-
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is widely and evenly diffaf^ed. In the use of anv of the ordinary unattach-
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tain. Silk found 13 cases in 5,000 operative anaesthesias, 8 of which occurred
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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,
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types which we might use for measuring the electromotive force gen-
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{ind tertiary pymptoms. The bubo, in fact, is a hot-bed ; not only for the
Proteogens not only destroy the micro-organisms but dispose of the
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appear to be located. These observations support the suggestion that
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contraction to 10". Another successful case he had followed for
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tose condition. The whole abdomen, especially the epigastrium, was
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quence, treatment was not resorted to, stated that he
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just ready for the oven, mix in the carbonate of soda, put in
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effusion prevent proper aeration of the blood ; imperfect aeration of the
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sufficient evidence that there were not two diseases, any more than that
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be made in certain cases of Semnopithecus which is closest to the
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there is never the least danger if it falls regularly, and if the inhalation is
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reduction of the cnpric oxide when the fiuid is boiled, a decolorisation
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