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jjroduced any bad results. The only objection I can
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Griffon. The subjoined account was made to the Societe de Biologie :
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the tubercular cases I have used gauze packing, and
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H is to us a matter of very serious import to deter-
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membrane is paler than in h^th, and in others it is of an ash-gray
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The great influenza-pneumonia pandemic which swept the world
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it exists in isolable masses, or is infiltrated into the tissues
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invented bv the man who said that previous to him all medicine was
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gangrenous sores, severe burns and indolent ulcers. It is
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phia, conjoined with counter-irritation. When called to treat a case of
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show connective-tissue proliferation and a thickening periadenitis. Extension
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other tests, since the yeast sometimes contains sugar.
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scenes after a long march, repeated fights, and interruption
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much longer time than is suspected, and hepatic complica-
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ings by exhibiting an osteological specimen and photographs to
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9 *Non-8urglcal Treatment of Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus.
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the New York Homoeopathic Medical Coll ge and Hospital
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even a little higher, this fact being due to the presence of neutral salts,
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war-horse. I dismounted, examined the wound, and found the
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the Hebrews, by Moses, who was educated in Egypt, and reflected
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give way under the influence of the insane, however. This in-
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now increasing, now improving, almost cicatrized, then a change in
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after extirpation of this organ ; but this symptom (emaci-
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definite relation between exophthalmic goiter and rheumatoid arthritis.
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in the choice of Censors, one fourth of the number to be annually
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1893, 182-188. Also : Ophth. Rec, Nashville, 1892-3, li, 422-
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eufaut du second Age. Ann. de m6d. et o.hir. inf.. Par.,
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diate operation was decided on, and the usual preparations for an
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reasonable to suppose that oil actually does exclude oxygen? If the
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as an interne, but for a fixed and brief period only ; after that
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toxin; according to Brieger, the latter substance in a moderately pure
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ing externally or into the caecum. In recurrent attacks it
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that fibrinous exudation never occurs upon mucous membranes without antecedent
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by the application of the ice-bath (ice floating in a tub of water), temperature
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true wisdom may consist in treating fever as a valuable
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symptoms, which are ascribed to inQamniation of the