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from the core and to be broken up into small and sharp angular
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Dujardin-Beaumetz has quite recently published the result of
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usually large and accompanied by muco-purulent secretion. In children
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of bone returning to its jjlace with a sudden and quite
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(B) Vertical and cerebro-spinal (non-occlusive) meningsitis.
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Ahlfeld and Lew}' no case of exactly the same character to the one
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Capt. Henry Drummond Brown, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps (Special Reserve).
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of a slight amount of organic pollution a knowledge of possible sources
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I have not. though, taken a sufficient number of thermometrical observations
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3. Bunnell, S. : Active splinting of hand. ]. Bone & Joint
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Von Dittel has always operated in the mid line, but of late Schepf has con-
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Capt. J. A. Reid, Major J. F. Irving, Major W. H. MacDonald,
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absorbent cotton. Inject salt solution. After twelve hours, change
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mends chloral, exclusively, for delirium tremens ; he has
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there being no civil official veterinarians, as in Germany, occupy-
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peritoneal hernia repair. A score of 2 was given to cases
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efficacy as to be sensible, that each portion advanced their convalescence,
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rolysis. Where neuralgias are due to periostitis pressing upon a
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the sphenoidal sinus mentioned above, which was obtained at the
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lips and front of the chest; at the beginning the sores are
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nially warm in winter, but by its evaporating influence, cools the parts wonderfully
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boarding there had ample opportunity to absorb the effluvia, and an ex-
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several schemes of medical reform proposed by others, nor to
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Natal. On the East Coast cases are found at Zanzibar, Mozambique, and
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of the cord ; and, indeed, at the end of his earlier article, he suggests that
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term proteose is a general one, and that there are probably many varieties
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ignorance as are displayed in the following editorial article, enti-
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women up ? Did the men of former time know of this effect of
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of meats or vegetable fats. It has been produced in 6 of n
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Fellowship-traineeships which carried with them an honorarium were very