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transplanted from the same individual: (2 isografts, where the
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deformity — curvature if that be the deformity — took
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the majority were normoblasts. Megaloblasts occur, but in
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The pollens responsible for hay-fever were verified by the atmos-
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was presented by M. Hantz on the best way of admin-
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was abdominal pain of a colicky nature for a day or two.
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amount of water, is the right strength for a wash. These,
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5. A study of, and report upon, the native shade tieei
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tions, baths, and other forms of medication not usnalls
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gender. There are three agencies which always will perfectly and safely antagonize
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any effect. To relieve his pain, M. Letellier took so much mor-
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Avanted systematic provision by Government substituted for indi-
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a very small and select class. But this brings us back to the original
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saturation is unfavourable thereto. Another interesting point
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ican friend was inclined to give a good deal of weight to the previous
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him most nearly, as an oddity, a sort of wizard; but
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Affecting fibrous tissues of testicle — Orchitis.
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nose acute and chronic intestinal indigestion. The former is
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of the most terrible disasters, resulting from it, have already been
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Earle Terry Smith, 307 Broad street, Bridgeport, Conn.
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his belly is tucked up, and there are two longitudinal cords
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something secret was afoot. Orders reached us that no case was
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treatment in the former group, in which he would interfere by
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" The cultures obtained from the bile were tested in every possible way to
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Country air has a favourable effect. Arsenic acts well as a tonic,
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respects for an operation, he had her removed to hospital at
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the response would be that it was not the class of animal
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disease of the spine. At the autopsy the psoas muscle was found to have been
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of the button. One half is thus tied in each incision, and they are clamped to-
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Island College Hospital, which began in March, closed
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iridoschisma ; division of the iris by congenital per-
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the fascial abdominal ring and do not feel that transplan-
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which it is broken up, though Sahli surmises from the fat-like chemical char-
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the individuals concerned are anywise consulted. We allude to the dress of our troqw,
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tity of blood present in the body vary greatly ; some observers
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with his superior officer, to a fair trial before being de-
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blood or other matter except only drawing of teeth."
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membrane by the application of astringents or caustics in a
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spared a criminal after the rope had broken. The man declared
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