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West Bowen, an old-time " veterinary " of Brooklyn, N. Y.,

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the Market Building, No. 57 Essex street. New York.

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books on Insanity: English ; Be van Lewis, Clouston, Blandford, Savage. — American:

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ough and practiced knowledge of the structures of the

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groes resort to the doctor, and the results of disease,

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that diseases such as cholera in man, and rinderpest and

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than June 1, 1899, to the San Francisco, Cal., Quarantine Station

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With regard to the method of performing the operation, there are

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ignorance is just as complete. To all appearance the body in

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critical inquiry, and continued his observations for five months. The results which he gives

mercilon pill side effects weight gain

1906 b.— Idem <Gazz. san. , Catania, v. 6 (9), 15 sett., pp. 97-98, figs. 1-2. [ W m . ]

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any other operation, can be considered, in itself, as an

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near to diabetes was invariably manifest in their greater hypergly-

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cannot be doubted by any medical man of experience.

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upon the noblest principles of enlightened charity, will perpetuate

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have urged its general adoption by medical practitioners, I do not think that

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I will only allude to the special senses as a further argument against

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are no longer loud, and only the second sound over the aorta

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limits, or in tending to break it up before it becomes fixed ;

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ture of the hot water, and decreasing that of the cold. Also bathe the

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to be referred to a compression and narrowing of the different

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with hystero-epilepsy (! o-ise.s mixtes, compreliends

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cases, it was riddled with small whitish points. Its capsule was

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contraction of the muscle is not a reflex from the skin, since if

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Evan Parry, in "Town Planning and Conservation of Life."

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capacity for absorbing water. Thus the base of the one former offi-

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that the epithelium is unfit for their reception and growth.

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which are on permanent deposit in the Library: Gross

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taining our relative position. We would show, and make it more

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but not ligated nor sutured. The external wound was

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healthy state, therefore, sole and frog are as well pro-

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distinct correlation between irritability to the acid and the sub-

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In speaking of the treatment of cardiac paralysis. Dr.

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Salicornea are often the only vegetation. In real alkali

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is preferred, and where the facilities I describe do not exist, the spatula might

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fallacy. If the uterus is practically normal, if it is not in a septic or

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the sectional feeling is quite interesting, but apparently unexplainable,

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has developed. The Bonudneae of this proposition is recognized iu