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Rosenau: Preventive Medicine and Hygiene. 3rd Ed., pp. 605-643.

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pestilence, black vomit, Gibraltar fever, Barcelona fever, fievre jaune, Gelbes

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generally only lasts two or three days, but in very acute cases it

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Arcenthobium Americannm, Engelm. PI. Lindl. ii, 214 (1850

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" Paralysis" of "Voluntary" Movement, Brown and Stewart, p. 388

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are by no means few) we shall lay before our readers in our next

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where his wife washed and "disinfected" his clothing.

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published in 1553, gives the first distinct description of chickenpox. Vidius,

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virulence when grown continuously outside the body, but it also undergoes marked

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produce the desired effect, and I think may have very little

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with those of Experiment 1. The control mice gave 80 per cent of tumors.

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hydrochloride (INDERAL®) and 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide, in bottles of 100 'l

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14. Schuster MM. Nikoomanesh P, Wells D: Biofeedback Control of Lower

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